Soucy Plastiques Hybrid Wheel

April 17, 2023
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Soucy has myriad subsidiaries, each one specialized in working with a different material. This allows teams to share their expertise with other divisions. The result of this process can be exceptional. Soucy Plastiques’ hybrid wheel is the perfect example. It is made from UHMW-PE, a high-performance plastic covered with a customized rubber from Soucy Techno.

This hybrid wheel, which is mainly used on tractors and harvesters equipped with track systems, is extremely durable and can maximize the life of rubber tracks. Here are some of its interesting properties.

No delamination

The molecular mixture of UHMW-PE and rubber makes the adhesion unalterable. The two components bond together during processing, resulting in an extraordinarily strong anchorage. That means there are no weak points where the materials join.

Increases the longevity of steel parts

Unlike most competitors’ wheels that are made from rubber bonded to a cast iron part, Soucy’s hybrid wheel features a layer of UHMW-PE. This plastic shpae-memory allows it to retunr to its original state when subjected to impact. In the hybrid wheel, it acts as a protection for the casting, preventing it from deforming.

Increases track life

The UHMW-PE wheel flank provides protection for the track teeth by preventing direct friction on the wheel steel, unlike competitors’ products. This maximizes the life of the track.


An efficient and clean shape

The new geometric shape of the wheel allows a natural evacuation of debris. No mud packing is possible inside the wheel.

Bain_roue hybride-1
Image of the wheel without mud or debris.

If you want to learn more about the technical specifications of the hybrid wheel, now available for sale for farming equipment, visit the replacement parts page on Soucy Track’s website.

While the hybrid wheel is mainly used in the agricultural sector, it represents an innovative product for other areas of activity as well. Every year, Soucy Plastiques produces more than 780,000 wheels in 133 shapes. In other words, the possibilities are nearly endless.



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