July 6, 2020
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Soucyprene® is a patented rubber compound that revolutionizes the performance of defense and mining sectors.

Developed in 2011 by Soucy Techno's Research & Development (R&D) team to meet the specific requirements and conditions of the defense and mining markets customers, Soucyprene® optimizes the attributes of Kevlar® fibers and nanotube technology.


Kevlar® aramid fibers are among others used in the clothing sector to increase fabric protective capacity and cut resistance. Lightweight, durable and extraordinarily strong, Kevlar® fibers are also use in ballistic body armors.


Nanotubes are made of solid, flexible, lightweight and deformable materials which easily adapt to different surfaces (carbon). It has been shown that the rupture resistance of nanotubes is 100 times greater than steel.

Soucyprene® is an extremely strong, flexible, durable and light rubber that also has the following characteristics:

  • Excellent resistance to abrasion, wear and cracking;
  • Remarkable heat tolerance and adaptability to different surfaces (tundra, desert, snow, etc.);
  • Considerable reduction of vibrations;
  • Sustainable and long lasting increased performance;
  • Excellent return on investment.

Numerous tests on sandy and rocky fields have been carried out to prove the performance and durability of Soucyprene®. The pictures below show the Soucyprene® difference on a molded rubber track of a 33-ton vehicle after 3000km.

In the first photo, the regular rubber cracked, crumbled and peeled in many places. On the second, where Soucyprene® rubber was used, very few cracks are present, they are shallow and there has been no peeling.


"Originally, our rubber could support a vehicle of up to 20-ton. But through our Soucyprene® rubber, the vehicle is able to support up to 40-ton", says François Bédard, General Manager, Soucy Techno inc.

These tests have thus eloquently demonstrated the great durability, robustness and efficiency of the exclusive formulation of Soucyprene® rubber.

For more information on Soucyprene® or other rubber products, contact our sales and product development team at Soucy Techno inc.

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