Saving water at Soucy Caoutchouc thanks to a new water recovery system

November 15, 2022
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In March 2021, our subsidiary Soucy Caoutchouc decided to equip its facilities with an eco-friendly water recovery solution. The innovative system was completed in July 2022 and the benefits have been impressive. Soucy Caoutchouc is now able to save the equivalent of 20 24-foot above-ground pools… on a daily basis! Furthermore, the new system has also resulted in lower operating costs and increased productivity.


This water-saving initiative is part of our company’s 2022-2023 environmental strategy priorities which were announced in the summer of 2022.


How water is used at Soucy Caoutchouc

In order to manufacture tracks, water is used to cool down the moulds and control the rubber vulcanization process. As Soucy Caoutchouc’s production needs increased, so too did its water consumption – even exceeding 1,000 m3 per day. Reducing the company’s impact on the environment therefore became a top priority!

A cutting-edge system

The new water recovery system is located next to the Soucy Caoutchouc plant and includes a 320-ton water chiller, two 250-ton water towers, three automatic filtration systems, and a water treatment system. The company also plans to add a second water chiller to the system as production increases.

The system is also located next to an artificial lake that will be used when the weather gets cold to help with the cooling process. It will act as a geothermal system to help the company save power!

All of these components allow Soucy Caoutchouc to recover and reuse water while enabling them to better control temperatures in the rubber cooling process. In fact, it’s a nearly perfect closed loop system (99% of the water is reused), representing an environmental triumph. Not only does the company save water and costs, but it is also able to increase productivity thanks to more precisely controlled water temperatures, resulting in a quicker rubber cooling process.


A sustainable, energy-efficient solution

To immediately cut down on water consumption, the project team opted for the most energy-efficient solution available, one that can also expand alongside the company’s growth – it can support twice its current capacity.

A committed team and expert collaborators

This large-scale environmental project was made possible thanks to the collaboration of Énergie MC2, a firm specialized in designing energy-efficient systems. Construction was carried out by the team at Soucy Caoutchouc.

We’re extremely proud of this new system that helps us save water, an essential but fragile resource.

Please join us in recognizing the remarkable work accomplished by the Soucy Caoutchouc team. Congratulations to everyone involved!

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