International Interns' Day - Interview With Élie-Anne Cartier And Yanick Ratté

November 10, 2021
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At Soucy, we believe in the positive effect a great internship experience can have on a career start. That's why, every year, we open our doors to dozens of interns in all fields to give them the opportunity to discover what it’s like to work with us and to help them explore their potential.

In honour of International Interns’ Day, we spoke to two of them to find out more about their experience at Soucy.

Interview with Élie-Anne Cartier, HR marketing intern

Élie-Anne is in her third year of a bachelor's degree in marketing and human resources at the Université de Sherbrooke. This fall, she is working at the Soucy Service Centre with the marketing communications and recruitment team. This is her first internship. She agreed to answer our questions about her experience at Soucy.

Tell us about your role within the Soucy team.

"My role is to contribute to the development of the employer brand and branding in order to recruit the right candidates for our job vacancies. I help develop various strategies to promote recruitment and employee retention."

How would you describe your integration and your relationship with your team?

"The team at Soucy is really welcoming. I felt welcome from my very first day. People are willing to listen to my ideas and take my strengths into consideration."

What is an advantage of doing an internship at Soucy?

"Variety. Here at Soucy, employees work together to achieve the best possible results quickly. At school, we mainly work in teams with people in the same field of study as us, so we're not exposed to the different ways of doing things in other disciplines. However, my position at Soucy allows me to interact with people from marketing, communications and HR from the various subsidiaries and the talent acquisition team. It pushes us to use different working methods and visions to create content that will directly reach the right target audience."

What would you say to someone to convince them to do an internship at Soucy?

"That if they want to do an internship where the tasks are very diversified and their ideas and strengths are really considered, Soucy is the perfect company."

Interview with Yanick Ratté, electrical engineering intern

Yanick is studying electrical engineering at the Université de Sherbrooke. He is currently completing his second internship at Soucy International. We asked him why he chose Soucy for his internship.

Why did you decide to come back to Soucy for a second internship?

"The team was proactive in offering me another internship straight after my first one ended. I really liked the flexibility and autonomy I was offered the first time, so I came back. It also allowed me to pick up projects I'd left on standby at the end of my other internship."

Tell us about your role within the Soucy team.

"I'm currently an electrical consultant, working alongside the technicians. I create machines that will be used in the facilities and on the test bench. My team's mandate is to make sure production is going well and to find ways to improve it."

How would you describe your integration and your relationship with your team?

"We're a small team of five, and we have a lot of fun. I felt very welcomed, both this fall and during my first internship.

Soucy is very open-minded. During my first internship, my father passed away. I want to mention that because I think it's important. I was given extra weeks off even though I was an intern, and not all employers would have allowed that. It's a gesture that really represents the company's values."

What did you learn from your internship?

"I'm currently in electrical engineering, but it's clear that in engineering you don’t just focus on YOUR specialty, all fields are interlinked. When I design a machine, I have to consult lots of other geniuses. And, thanks to that, I've learned a lot about pneumatics and hydraulics, which will serve me well for the rest of my life."

What word would sum up your internship?

"Trust. The team and the company trusted me from the start. I didn't have to earn it along the way, which made me feel supported in my decisions. I find that giving someone your trust pushes them to develop a number of skills, and they won't be afraid to ask questions."

If you think an internship at Soucy could be a good start for you too, check out our available internships! If you can't find an internship that suits you, send us an e-mail at

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